Physician Recruitment

As an international consulting and placement firm, WNY Human Resource Solutions brings physicians and health systems together by bridging the gap between a physician’s career goals and the health system in need of their expertise and knowledge. WNY Human Resource Solutions is the key to searching for just the right job and seeking just the right physician to join your organization. The number one goal for WNY Human Resource Solutions. is to place the right physicians in the right organization to ensure a productive and satisfied workforce. Ultimately reducing physician turnover, increasing the quantity and quality of healthcare services in the community while enhancing the revenue stream for both physicians and the health systems in which they work.

Our physician placement staff are experienced, knowledgeable, customer focused and involved in the search process from beginning to the end. WNY Human Resource Solutions differentiates itself from other firms in that our clients have access to our staff 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. We believe this “high touch” service ensures a blanket of security for both physicians and hospitals.

We also utilize state of the art recruitment techniques to ensure the candidates we deliver are thoroughly screened and qualified prior to being presented to our clients. We value your investment of time and money and strive for excellence in meeting and exceeding your expectations each and every time we place a candidate.

WNY Human Resource Solutions works on both contingency and retained search contracts. Our services are competitively priced.

Our Recruitment Process

Initial Inquiry Meeting

In order to understand your needs and your physician and organization’s expectations, we conduct an on-site (if possible) interview with senior leadership team, physicians and in-house physician recruiting staff. The main objective of the meeting is to gather as much information in regard to the vision, mission, culture and future goals of the organization and reason for the vacancy. Secondly, to glean as much information about the physician opening, work environment, the population to physician ratio, timetable for conducting the physician search, a description of the physician’s duties and responsibilities’, contractual considerations, and to review the WNY Human Resource Solutions search process. Lastly, to gather as much information as possible about the geographical area and it’s demographics that would attract a physician to the area.

Sourcing of Candidates

Once the pertinent information has been gathered and a signed search agreement has been received, the sourcing process begins. Today’s sourcing strategy must take into consideration the audience of physicians we are targeting. Our sourcing process consists of both an international and domestic outreach. The vehicles utilized are direct mail with follow-up calls, e-mail blasts, social media, internet job boards, in-house database, referrals and networking.

Initial Telephone Pre-Screening Interview

If a physician is interested in pursuing an opportunity, we will conduct an initial telephone interview. The objective of the interview is to determine if the opportunity is a potential fit for the employer and the physician. During the interview we will be evaluating the physician by utilizing behavioral interview questions and gaining as much information about their work experience, personal values, interpersonal skills, personal and professional goals, and preferences.

If we feel the physician is a viable candidate we will require three work references, a copy of their medical license, malpractice insurance coverage and narcotics license information. These documents will be validated by WNY Human Resource Solutions. We will also conduct a series of assessments to include a personality profile, emotional intelligence and critical thinking skills.

Prior to an on-site visit, our clients will receive the physician’s portfolio for review. If at any time during the discovery process we feel the candidate is not viable they will be removed from the pool of physician candidates.

On-Site Visit

An on-site visit will be coordinated and structured with personnel from the employer. Once all the details are confirmed with the employer an itinerary is created. The itinerary is then sent back the employer and designated personnel for final approval. The itinerary will then be provided to the physician (and spouse or domestic partner, if applicable) at the time the on-site visit is scheduled. The on-site visit is the most crucial part of the interviewing process, in most cases it is the determining factor for the physician (and spouse or domestic partner, if applicable).

Candidate Follow-up

We will follow-up with the physician within twenty-four hours to obtain feedback. During the follow-up contact we will field any questions or concerns the physician or the physician’s spouse may have. If the physician is interested in advancing the process, the client is contacted and negotiations begin.

Employment Services Agreement and Negotiations

Our firm will act as a mediator between the physician and employer. Prior to negotiations our firm will work with both entities to determine what each of their needs are and what can be offered to the physician. Due diligence up front before negotiations begin expedites the process.

Please contact Ms. McGuire on her cell at 716-609-9141 or by email for further details.

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